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The Team

Debra Williams, CEO – Kingstree Community Enrichment Corporation, Inc.

Debra is an effective organizational leader with deep experience in public and affordable housing operations and management. Prior to coming to Kingstree, she was the Executive Director of Hinesville Housing Authority; in Hinesville, Georgia. There she increased the agency’s operational budget from $400,000.00 to $2,500,000.00 through various entrepreneurial initiatives. To achieve this exponential growth, she launched three (3) successful nonprofit companies. In her role as President of KCEC, she will ensure that the program has the resources it needs to be successful. She works tirelessly to promote the company’s programs and ensure maximum visibility of its good works. Debra is also currently the Executive Director of the Housing Authority of Kingstree.

Tracy D. Campbell, Founder and CEO of KiDsGyM USA ™

Tracy has more than thirty-one (31) years of experience working in the non-profit sector. His experience includes non-profit management, program planning, and development of innovative programming for children and youth. He brings a wealth of experience providing programs that are well-focused and designed to improve the life prospects of disadvantaged children and youth. In 1987, he developed after-school gymnastic programs for public housing communities before they became popular and necessary. After starting this initative, he developed one of the most outstanding, nationally recognized youth performance teams in the country. Tracy started out in this field by pioneering preschool gymnastics in 1980 to the Seattle land area.

He has trained P.E. teachers and recreational specialists for public school systems, parks and recreation departments, Boys and Girls Clubs and private gymnastics academies.

Stephanie Campbell, Co-Founder and Executive Director of KiDsGyM USA ™

Stephanie A. Campbell is Co-founder and Executive Director of the nationally recognized children and youth development organization; KiDsGyM USA Incorporated.

Stephanie has thirty-four (34) years of work experience in nonprofit management and planning of sports, educational programs and events for children and youth. She is an experienced manager with expertise in program development, staff development and training, fundraising, event planning, marketing, public speaking and volunteer management. From 1995 to 2003, Stephanie Campbell was the Executive Director of Greater Atlanta Inner City Games, in which she collaborated with KiDsGyM USA® to develop and execute amateur athletic competitions for children and youth throughout Metro Atlanta. Tens of thousands of young people participated in traditional and non-traditional sports at college and Olympic venues throughout the summers.

She is currently working on organizational expansion into international communities and research on the Power of Movement and; its relationship to school readiness for the early learner. Stephanie has partnered with the University of Illinois on the research project titled: Harness the Power of Movement. She currently resides in Atlanta Georgia with Tracy Campbell, her husband of thirty-eight (38) years.