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Resident Career Planning Services

The Kingstree Community Enrichment Corporation Inc provides residents with career planning.  The coordinator of resident services engages residents and the local community with online job search, resume writing, completing applications and soft skills development.  Local presenters are brought in to discuss issues pertinent to successfully getting and keeping a job.  We have partnered with the local WIOA (Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act) program and Williamsburg Technical College to assist in providing residents with skills to gain and maintain employment.

WIOA emphasizes creating career pathways for individuals through a combination of career counseling, vocational training, on the job training and apprenticeships. Local Workforce Development Areas are responsible for identifying career clusters and in-demand jobs specific to their region. Individuals will reach and maintain economic self-sufficiency, and employers will have more skilled workers to help their companies succeed in the global economy.

Through Williamsburg Technical College, residents gain access to specialized training such as forklift certification, Certified Nursing Assistant and other training trailered to the individual resident.  Staff also assist our program by putting on mock interviews to acquaint residents with what to expect and how to appropriately present themselves at an interview.