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Measurement and Outcomes


At the start of the program, we will create a profile for each student which includes but may not be limited to a student’s level of physical fitness, grades, extracurricular activities, diet choices, average amount of time spent watching television, and school attendance records. This will provide a baseline for measuring each student’s progress during the program. At the end of each cycle, we will evaluate each student’s progress against his/her baseline as well as their performance on group projects. We will work with the students and parents to support incremental growth as they progress through our program.


Time 2 Soar programs have helped children achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increased knowledge of healthier diet and lifestyle options
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Demonstrated skills to make healthier lifestyle choices
  • Acquired skills to become advocates for healthy eating and physical activity
  • Improved physical fitness and flexibility
  • Improved interpersonal communication skills
  • Improved academic performance in language arts, math, technology, and media literacy
  • Reduced disciplinary incidents in school