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The Housing Authority of the City of Kingstree desires to fill open positions from inside the organization whenever possible. To this end, job openings for all regular, full-time positions will be posted on the employee bulletin board and will remain posted for five (5) business days. This provides employees an opportunity to indicate their interest in open positions and to advance within the organization according to their performance, skills, and experience. The Executive Director, after considering internal candidates if there are any, shall then advertise or take other actions to fill the vacancy from outside the Authority.

The Kingstree Housing Authority reserves the right to not post the position of Executive Director and any other position that requires highly specialized training, skills, and/or experience. 

To apply for an open position, the employee must have held their current position for at least six (6) months and have a performance rating of at least Good Competent. Employees should request and submit a job posting application to the Executive Director. The application should list job-related skills and accomplishments. It should also describe how their current experience with KHA and prior work experience and/or education qualifies them for the position. Employees who have written warning on their record or who are on probation or suspension, are not eligible to apply for posted jobs for 6 months after the warning or until satisfactory improvement is noted.

KHA recognizes the benefit of developmental experiences and encourages employees to talk with their supervisors about their career plans. Supervisors are encouraged to support employees' efforts to gain experience and advance within the organization when possible.

Vacant Positions:

Supervisors shall be responsible for notifying the Executive Director of vacant, or soon to be vacant authorized positions. The Executive Director shall review the information and determine whether the vacancy should be filled.